Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Big Night In

If you had £750 to spend on a big night in, how would you spend it?  Well this is the question that Two Little Fleas has asked.

Nights in are pretty much how me and MadDad spend our time now.  My brother and his wife run their own business (a social club) so we do not often manage to get together, but I think this would be the perfect time to have a good old family get together.

Tol start with I would get a team of cleaners to come in and blitz the house.  A really deep clean, so I wouldn't have to feel guilty relaxing in a house when I should be cleaning and tidying it!

I would look at getting someone in to cook and serve dinner to us all (yes the children too).  The thought of having someone come in to my house, set the table, prepare food and then clean up sounds perfect.  We are all lovers of a good indian so that would be my meal of choice.

Rather than sending the children all to bed, I would have an entertainer on hand for them.  My boys are fascinated by magic, so it would be super to have someone who could show them some tricks.    I would have a mixologist on hand to make us cocktails, so we could really relax and let our hair down.

Oh don;t worry about my brother and sister in law drinking and driving, I would ensure that they had a driver on hand to take them home!

My big night in, wouldn't be a sin,
It would be filled with family and joy

Thanks to two little fleas,
the night would run with such ease

As they provide the dosh
for us to pay for the nosh

A mixologist we would hire
and maybe have marshmallows by the fire

Whatever we do, we would do it in style
And if we win, I will buy a bucket load of gin

I am not a poet in any way, shape or form, but you have to try dontcha!

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  1. Love the poem! I'm also liking the idea of a team of cleaners. I could do with one of those myself. :-D


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