Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Encouraging reluctant writers

This parenting lark, isn't easy!  Mini has turned from an engaged and happy writer to a reluctant one due to a one off comment from a schoolmate that they couldn't understand his writing.

He wants it to be perfect, he wants it to be good, but would rather write nothing than be laughed at.  I have raised the issue with the school, but in the mean time I want to encourage him to write.  He is a very engaged reader which is great and leaves me with lots of hope that this is just a blip.

I am keen for it not to feel like a chore, so I am trying to make things fun and engaging and we have been busy doing the following:
  1. Making comics
  2. I took Mini out to buy a new pen
  3. Writing journals about our summer activities
  4. Making our own books
  5. Playing with the chalk wall in the kitchen and writing menu's 
  6. Leaving each other messages
  7. Writing letters to pen pals
  8. Writing with sticks in the sand at the beach

We have also been watching you tube videos by The Etherington Brothers for Scottish Friendly, who Mini really looks up too.

But mostly I have been trying not to stress about this as he is only seven years old and I know with practice it will come.

How do you encourage your reluctant writers?

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