Friday, 9 August 2013

School Uniform by Asda - Review

We have a new Asda store open on the edge of our village and as both my boys had something of a growth spurt over the last term of the school year I purchased some trousers and polo shirts for the boys and was really impressed with them.

Asda have also sent me some school uniform to put to the test with the boys this year.  Up to know I have to say I am really impressed with the quality and cost of the items we received and also the style differences on their clothes.


I received some of the Asda Slim Fit Cargo Trousers.  My boys are both on the slim side and love cargo pants as they have extra pockets for all their stones and other things they collect.  I love that these are a slim fit and look great on.  They have adjustable waists too and cost £5 per pair.

Polo Shirts

Mini is a polo shirt boy and as he is noise with muck on I got red ones in the hope they stay cleaners for longer.  Asda polo shirts are true to size and do not shrink when washed, plus they come in a rainbow of colours and are only £2.50 for a pack of two.


We also have a couple of sweatshirts that I bought from Asda last year and at £2 you can not go wrong.  I have the school badge out on them at £2.50 a piece, which cost more than the sweatshirts!  They have washed well and not bobbled or shrunk.  They also come in more colours than I have seen another other supermarket stock.

Notable extras.

Other items that are really good value include this fab waterproof fleece lined jacket that I was sent for Mini.  It is only £5 and perfect for those Autumn and Spring days when you do not need a heavy weight coat.

There is free delivery on if you spend over £20 at the moment too.


  1. Definitely great value at Asda!

  2. We used Asda for everything last year and they were great


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