Monday, 5 August 2013

I need your help

We committed to going to Florida with my Brother and his family in November over two years ago.  But we are really struggling with saving the money and also getting by on a day to day basis.

So I am looking at you to help me by suggesting ways to earn more money or make money.

I am looking to do a car boot sale already, but am aware that I am not going to make much.

I have tried ebaying, but with the postage costs it is just not feasible at all.

So come on, I need to make £4000 between now and the end of October.


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  1. We've started hosting students who come to the English schools. First time and we all loved it. If you can come up with another bedroom. We moved to sofas, and tv to the kitchen to turn the front room into a bedroom. It's more comfie and social in the kitchen and beneficial.


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