Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Five free summer activities for children

I hope you are enjoying the summer holidays.  We are, but I am also aware that I am trying to stretch limited funds till the end of them and so today I have five ideas for free activities with your children.

Picnic in the park

We often make our way round all the local parks.  Sometimes a change of scenery does you good.  I pack our lunch in to a cool bag and take a flask of tea for me and we set off on a park adventure.,

Rock Pooling at the Beach

We are lucky enough to live by the seaside, but our local beach is not the best place to rockpool.  However, 10 minutes down the road is the perfect rockpooling beach.  We take a bucket and space and the obligatory picnic, but also towels and crocks for going in the pools.  My boys love seeing what they can find.  You can also take pictures and try and draw some of the creatures when you get some.

Backyard Olympics

Why not take advantage of the lovely weather we are having in the UK and make up your own games and have your own Olympic games.  You could make your own medals too.  

Woodland treasure hunt

How hard to make the treasure hunt would depend on the age of your children.  You could do a picture hunt, which you draw on a sheet of paper what you want your children to find ie pine cone, leaf, feather etc or if they are older you could look for specific types of trees and signs of animals.

Visit a local free museum or Art Gallery

We have some fab small local museums and the summer after lunch is the perfect exploring time.  Many offer free arts, crafts and children's activities over the summer.  So why not check out your local councils website.

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  1. We went to a free museum last week....Which was actually better then the one we went to a while ago which cost a fortune to get in!!
    Great ideas :)


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