Saturday, 31 August 2013

Clarks school shoes - learning about value

I took the boys to Clarks this week to get fitted for their school shoes.  "Clarks" I hear you cry "call yourself a thrifty mum"!

Yes Clarks.  For us Clarks is about value for money and price per wear.  Mini has wide feet and a high instep and trashes shoes from pretty much anywhere but Clarks.  We have tried buying from other shops but each time the shoes have not lasted and we have ended up back at Clarks.  I would much rather the boys grow out of their shoes then wear them out at this age.

I am always confident that the fitting experience is good in our local Clarks and if we are having any issues with the shoes then they take them back and exchange them no quibble.

In fact both the boys school rom last year were in good enough condition to be passed on to friends for their children this year.

What to know the secrets to keeping your childrens shoes in such great condition, they head over to The Mad House for our shoe care top tips.

The Mad House

Disclosure: I was gifted shoes for the boys from Clarks.

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