Tuesday, 6 August 2013

5 ways to make cash from old clothes

I am on quest to make some money in order to pay for our holiday after a car repair wiped out all our savings.

So I am firstly looking at ways to make money from things that we no longer need and one of the things that we have far too many of is clothes.

So here are my top tips on how to make cash from clothes:

  1. Use a cash for clothes site like Music Magpie.  Music Magpie is a brilliant place for exchanging branded clothing for cash.  
  2. Ebay - Ebay is great for selling clothing bundles.  So if you are looking to sell a certain amount and size of childrens clothes this is the perfect place.  Individual items no longer sell so well due to the increase in postage costs.  If you are selling a bundle, make sure you list ALL the clothes, their condition and size.  Also take photo's of them in groups.  Use a local courier company for shipping.  
  3. Car boot sale - car boot sales are still good for shifting large amounts of clothing but do not expect more than 50p to £1 per item.  Make sure they are clean and ironed and I find that using a rail and hangers more effective than folding them.
  4. Use a clothes for cash collection point.  In one of our local out of town shopping places there is a place that weighs your clothes and gives you some money for them.  You do not get a lot, but at least the clothes are not going to landfill.
  5. Vintage shops.  Some vintage shops will buy clothes from you to sell themselves, alternatively they offer you a percentage of the sale.

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