Friday, 30 August 2013

5 Ways in 5 Days - The back to school edition

For me September is a time of new starts and new resolutions and with the children going back to school the perfect time to make some financial resolutions to curb your spending.

Day One

Take a home made lunch to work.  Save on buying lunch at work by making your own the night before. This is even easier to do if your children have packed lunches.  You could save around £2.50 a day by making your own lunch.  Not a fan of sandwiches, then why not take leftovers from last nights meal.

Day Two 

Drop the latte.  Instead of grabbing a takeaway coffee each day.  Make your own.  Buy a reusable thermal mug, which is a one off purchase and use that.  You can also get one cup coffee filters which are around 20p per cup.   You could save around £350 a year if you cut out that takeaway coffee!

Day Three

Are you a magazine buyer?  If you stop buying them altogether you could save on average £100 per year.  I have to admit that I love magazines and I ask friends and family to buy me subscriptions as gifts.  Not only are the subscriptions MUCH cheaper, but I get a gift that lasts all year.  Why not look at swapping magazines with other people you know too.  Or just cut them out altogether as you can get some great free magazines online now.

Day Four

Cut out the car wash.  Stop taking your car to the car wash, instead do it yourself or even better get your children to do it for you!  You could save around £300 a year if you are a regular car wash user.

Day Five

Evaluate your gym membership.  When was the last time you used it?  Are you really going to use it?  It pays to be realistic.  I have never been a gym bunny and know as soon as the dark nights come in there would be no way I would go to the gym.  Washing the car will help burn calories!

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