Thursday, 15 August 2013

5 summer garden games


We are off on holiday on Saturday, but this summer our garden has been used more than ever before due to the lovely weather and I wanted to share some of the games which we have been playing in the garden.  I have also been have a good look at All Garden Games and we are currently lusting after a crochet set for the garden, However, you can have just as much fun in the garden with what you already have at home.

Garden Olympics

What with the Olympics last year and the Athletics world championships just having been on TV, my boys are obsess with all things Athletics.   They have been using a frisbee as a discuss and trying to do the longest jump.  They also have running races and replay races with friends.

Obstacle Course

Anything in the garden can become part of an obstacle course and my boys have this off to a fine art.  They set a course with the swings, small trampoline and washing line and then  set each other the challenge to finish it first.  They have to jump over the trampoline, do 10 swings, run four times round the whirligig, climb under the table etc.


Both the boys have had great fun playing tennis in the garden since being inspired by Andy Murray and his win at Wimbledon.  We have lost lots of tennis balls, but it has been more than worth it to see them improve and have so much fun.


Bubbles are a huge hit in my house.  We make our own bubble mix and the boys can play with them for hours.


I know that I am not alone in having children that are obsessed with playing with water.  So we have planty of water guns and we all having fights together.  We also love water bombs and anything to do with water in the garden.  I know that my boys would have a blast in Mummy Mummy Mum's garden, just take a look at the fun their have with water.


  1. We love just mucking around in the garden too and have had a few obstacle courses and Olympics and of course there's always bubbles! It's all just good old fashioned simple outdoor fun that doesn't cost the earth and makes very happy children :)

  2. The garden has been our lifeline this summer as all 3 girls have had chickenpox :-( Olympic races, bubbles & paddling pool have all kept them busy x

  3. My three have made use of all sorts of things to create their own Olympics this year. Some great competitions. Bubbles are my reach-for solution, when they run out of ideas. Good fun.

  4. Why go very far when there is so much fun to be had in your own garden! You have a great list of some of the fun activities that the children have been enjoying, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Loved visiting my aunt & uncles house as a kid - Giant trampoline!

  6. This post brings back my own childhood memories - I would make a high jump from three bamboo canes and two clothes pegs and spend hours scissor kick jumping over it! Great ideas here x


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