Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Budget Bucketlist

MoneySupermarket currently have a competition about bucket lists.  Seen as I had just done a post about our summer activity ideas, I thought I would do my summer bucket list.  This is for me and not the boys though!

My budget bucket list:

  1. MadDad is working most of the summer, so it will just be the three of us during the weeks.  He really struggles to get time off as he is super busy at this time of the year with some of his largest clients.  So my budget ideas revolve around is being together as a family.  Evening picnics after meeting him from work.  But to make things easier for me I would like to be able to have a picnic fairy who makes it and packs it for me!   I think that sometimes as a mum we get stuck in a rout trying to make out budgets make sense and get the best out of everything for everyone else.
  2. A babysitter - MadDad and I haven't had a night out since my mum died.  It would be wonderful to have a babysitter so we could have a night out together.  Nothing extravagant, maybe a walk by the beach and a meal.  We have looked for one locally, but since Mini is a nightmare to get to bed we are reluctant to put that on to someone else.
  3. Books for me!  I tend to buy lots of books for the boys and we have just received the latest stack that I ordered from the book people for summer.  I would love to have a kindle full of books for me to read and some summer sun and quiet time to read them.  

My BlowOut item

A New Sewing Machine -  The sewing machine I use is my mums and it is about 20 years old and starting to show it's age.  Especially as I am starting to make quilts and sewing more and more.  I would love to have a sewing machine that came with all the feet I needed and also had a built in needle threader (my eye site is not what it once was).  I adore my mums machine  but it is loud and it wakes the boys up if I sew on an evening.  New ones are much quieter.  I get so much pleasure from sewing, it is my special me time and relaxes me.  If I get money I usually spend it on the family and this is the one item I would spend on that would totally for me and me alone! 

Now you have my ‘Bucket List’ blog post I need to tag three bloggers to tell you theirs.  I tag Cass from Frugal Family, Becky from Family Budgeting and Becky from The AR Blog .

They have to do a blog post to Include details of one ‘budget’ and one more extravagant bucket list item. Tell us what is preventing you from doing them and what it would mean to you to complete each of these items

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  1. I think a picnic fairy sounds like a tremendous idea. does she also clear up afterwards?


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