Monday, 1 July 2013

Magpie Monday - A long wait for the right piece

I have a wishlist of things we need for the house.  If money was no object that I would go out and buy them, however, pennies are tight, so I sit and look and wait and watch for them.

Our conservatory is the playroom and had a train table in it.  It has served us well.  Children have fallen asleep on it, made jigsaws on it and of course built train tracks on it, but it was falling apart.  So I have been keeping an eye out for a nice, sturdy and large coffee table to put in its place.

I have been looking for six long months, but I spotted one on ebay.  It had no bids.  Possibly as it had a starting price of £50.  But this was for a solid oak coffee table with 2 drawers that was not a flat pack piece of furniture.

I put in a bid and was delighted to win it for that £50!



  1. It's always worth playing the long game! Great table - although I love your first one too!

    1. We loved the first one, but it collapsed and was beyond repair after being out back together about 8 times

  2. I love ebay! Get so many great things from it although it is harder to find them these days than it used to be, isn't it?

  3. The new table looks great. I love finding nice used pieces of furniture but I'm more of a junk-shop raker than an ebay watcher :)
    I love your blog. Please drop by mine too if you get a chance :)
    Hannah x

  4. Gotta love Ebay for bargains. x


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