Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Finding Affordable – Family Friendly Furniture

Trying to keep your house presentable, clean and tidy can be difficult with young ones running around, and many of us don’t want to spend lots of money on nice pieces of furniture or household items that won’t survive small children. Furniture that isn’t child friendly is sadly often a waste of money. It may look chic and stylish but if it isn’t compatible with sticky hands and toys then it can prove a costly investment that will just need replacing when it gets broken or damaged. 

Many of us tend to go down the other route and buy cheap furniture that can be replaced easily. But is this really the best option when it comes to choosing furniture for a room?

Redecorating can be very stressful and expensive, it’s important to make the right decisions when buying furniture, painting and decorating, as your ultimate aim is to make them last as long as possible. Also, when choosing furniture, it is important to find the right pieces to suit your family and your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips on how to make the right decisions, and make your money go further.

Statement and graphic wallpapers are in fashion and are a great way of adding a contemporary twist to your room. But good quality wallpaper can be expensive, so why not choose just one wall as a ‘vocal point’ and paint the other walls. This way, you only have to buy a couple of rolls of paper depending on the size of your wall. Quality wallpaper will last a long time, and shouldn’t fade with sunlight or rip. Spending a little bit more on a few rolls of high quality wallpaper is worth it and can completely transform the look of your room without spending a huge amount of money.

Furniture can be tricky to choose; finding that perfect piece of furniture that everyone likes and that is hard-wearing can be time consuming and frustrating. Neutral coloured furnishings fit in with most colour schemes. If you decide to go for a neutral piece of furniture you can add coloured cushions or a throw to change the look when you get bored or fancy a change and brighten the room. Also when the time comes to repaint your room, a neutral sofa or dinning set will go with any colour scheme.

Fabric or leather sofas? It can be a tough decision. A fabric sofa can potentially show up any stains or damage, but leather – which is easy to clean and remove stains, can be very expensive. Many fabric sofas now come with a special protective coating to help prevent stains if something gets spilt on the fabric.

This Alston Valencia sofa is a fantastic example of a fabric family sofa. This simple sofa can be jazzed up with a few bright decorative cushions but the colour will fit in with any existing room design.

This beautiful Hudson leather sofa from Halo is a classic, simple design that is timeless. The neat streamlined arms and piping detail adds a stylish twist to a modern leather sofa. This family friendly sofa will look even better with age, perfect for the whole family.

If you are living in Yorkshire, this sofa is available at Rodgers of York, situated just on the outskirts of York. Sometimes the best way to save money in the long term is by spending a little more on the things you need to last a long time. Quality furniture isn’t cheap, but neither is having to buy the same low-priced items time and time again.


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