Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Favorite Free Printable sites for children

I am a big fan of free printables.  We use them for all sorts of things and I think they are great.

So I wanted to share with you my favorite sites at the moment and find out what yours are too.

Mr Printables is my go to site for all things printable.  It is the first place I look.  It is there attention to detail that makes their work so amazing.  The boys both love their printable weather station.  They have really thought of everything from 21 printable descriptive cards for the weather to the fact that they also give you the opportunity to print it out on A4 sized paper (perfect for the UK market).

We are also going to print out their world flag bunting for Maxi's bedroom makeover. Mr Printables thinks of everything and they have printables for crafts, learning tools and colouring too.  Plus tutorials when required.

Daily Colouring Pages is full of printables to colour.  I am a particular fan of their animal alphabet, which is a little more involved and intricate and perfect for slightly older children.

My Dairy Dairy has some brilliant paper toys.  We particularly love the cabins, they have a distinctly European feel to them and are just adorable.

Do leave me your favorite free printable sites in the comments.

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