Saturday, 29 June 2013

The best shoes for Children for Summer

Soon school will be out for summer and I am currently busy looking for shoes that will see the boys thought out summer and fulfill all their needs.

Any shoes I buy for the boys need to see them through the whole summer and be able to survive their various activities, which include football, scooting, cycling, climbing trees, going to the beach, visits to the moors, becks and be conformable.

I know that this might be the holy grail of shoes, but it doesn't stop me looking.  I have to say my current favorite are Keen Footwear from the Jellyegg Website.

These are my current favorites, the KEEN Kids Newport H2 Carnelian sandal.  I love the fact they are a sandal.  The boys wear leather school shoes all year and I think that it is nice to give your feet some time to breath.  However, normally sandal are not the practical option as they do not protect their toes and are pants for football.  But KEEN have KEEN Patented Toe Protection where the shoe outsoles wrap up and over the toes for ultimate protection.

Also Keen Sandals are washable and perfect for wearing both in and out of the water.  They have leather uppers that will not crack, shrink or stretch when washed. Their sandals are machine washable, using a small amount of detergent on a gentle cycle and air dry.

What do your children wear over the summer?

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