Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Accessories

I have been busy thinking about sandals for the boys and being the shoe lover I am, I refuse to be left out.  So have been browsing the Lotus Shoes Website looking at the Lotus Sandals. I can no longer get away with high heels and have turned in to a comfort lover in the shoe stakes, but that doesnt mean that I can not look stylish too.  I find that a wedge heel makes for both a great looking sandal, but also means that I can wear it most of the day without my feet getting sore.  
Sandal Wish List

I also have to say that I love matching sandals with handbags, so had great fun searching for ones to match the sandals I liked best.  

I still wear sandals that I bought over 18 years ago and for me the secret is looking after my shoes.  I make sure they are cleaned, resoled and healed as required and regularly polished.  I also put them away with newspaper inside over the winter.


  1. I like that pineapple handbag, which is really fantastic design.

  2. I love the orange shoes and bag.


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