Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bedtime Routines

I have blogged about the fact that we had had bumpy times in the past with bedtimes with Mini.  Thankfully we have had help and our bedtimes are a much happier time.

Fairy non-bio has just released some research which I found really interesting.  After speaking with 1,000 mums with children aged 0-7, they  found the following:

          Even as dads get more involved in parenting, bedtime is still mums domain, with 51% of mums in charge of bedtime each night compared to just 15% of dads
          Working mums prioritise bed time, although 61% said that bedtime happens later once they returned to work and 16% are skipping bath time to fit it all in
          8 of 10 mums read to their children nightly – 4 out of 10 (37%) of children prefer new stories, with 2 out of 10 (22%) opting for the same stories that were read to their mums and dads.
          A lucky 35% of mums say their child tends to settle down quickly and easily most nights, while another 43 % say this is the case 3-4 nights of the week.
          Although, as you might guess, bedtime isn’t bliss for everyone and 1 out of 10 admitted their bedtime routine is a cause of stress and tension in the evenings.

For us the secret to a calmer bedtime has been about setting and sticking to routines.  However, I think that there is something in the fact that all children are different.  Maxi goes to sleep and bed easily.  As soon as his head hits the pillow he is out for the count, but Mini is a different story.  He struggles to settle his mind. 

So how did we get out of the 1 in 10 people whose bedtime routine was a cause of stress and tension?
  1. Gratitude journal.  Each night before bed we right down three things we have  been grateful for that day.  It is always good to end the day on a positive note.
  2. We have strict rules and consequences for if they are not stuck to.
  3. We let Mini read.
  4. We also have calming music on in his room which really helps him.
  5. We are consistent.
  6. We are a team.  We take turns in dealing with issues, but act consistently and off the same song sheet.
  7. We reward and praise the behaviour we want to see.

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