Thursday, 13 June 2013

10 tips to make the most of Mid Season Sales

In theory Summer is upon us, however, in practice I am no longer sure that there is such a thing in the UK any more!

One of the ways that I ensure that my money goes as far as it can is to always buy the boys clothes in the sales, often the year previously.

So how do you make the most of the mid season sales which are soon upon us:

If you have a favorite brand, then make sure you know when their clothes sale starts.  Often it pays to sign up to newsletters for favorite stores (using a separate email address to your regular one) so that you can find out this information or I have even been known to email the company! 

Do a clothes audit for everyone.  I make sure that I regularly clear out the boys wardrobes so I am aware of what they need.  I also have a list of clothes in the next size that I fill in whenever I buy something that size.

Know your sizing - Do the clothes run true to size or small.  Check out the online reviews to make sure you get the correct size you are looking for.

Always shop with a list - I know what I need to buy in what size and I stick to it.

Set a budget - Do not be tempted to overspend, I set aside a small amount each month so I can buy the boys clothes in the sale.

Set your Alarm - I never go shopping with the boys present, I tend to do their shopping online  so I make sure I am online when the sale starts.

Know the returns policy - It pays to make sure you have free returns if something doesn't fit.

Have a trial run.  I let the boys have a look at the website to get an idea of what clothes they would like.  That way I give them the chance to get involved.

I make sure that I wait untill the end of season sales before stocking up on swimwear, UV suits etc for the boys for next year.  I know that Mini had swimming lessons this year, so I purchased an extra set.

Buy online, collect in store.  Save on delivery costs and also this way you can check out the products and return any that are not suitable immediately with no return costs.

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