Friday, 31 May 2013

Make using Voucher Codes part of your shopping habit

Habits, they take time to instill and not all of them have to be bad.  I used to always forget to take my reusable bags with me when I go shopping, but not anymore I have made it part of my shopping habit and it means that I always have them with me (plus means I get extra loyalty points in some shops too and stops me paying out for them in others).

The same could be said about introducing searching for voucher codes before making a purchase too.  Not only do they often save me money, but they also make me ponder my purchase making sure that I do not have "buyers remorse"!

Seriously you can use voucher codes to save money on pretty much EVERYTHING from £10 off your first online shop with sainsburys to 3 months free membership at The National Trust.

You will be amazed to see the diverse range of discounts available from such a wide range of companies.  So you can see the benefit from checking them routinely before you buy anything.
What are Discount Voucher Codes?
Discount Voucher Codes are codes that you enter in at the checkout offering savings in a variety of ways including
  • percentage discounts,
  • fixed amount discount,
  • free delivery or a free gift.
It takes around 2 minutes to check for a current code and can save you money, so if you are not making voucher codes part of your shopping habit you really should start. It’s a great budgeting habit to have.

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