Thursday, 9 May 2013

Keeping on top of the laundry

Laundry, I am sure that it breeds.  With two boys I am becoming an expert at removing stains and keeping things clean, bright and stain free and for me it is down to a routine, rather than putting an item through the wash and having to wash it again!

Keep everything in one place.

I keep all our laundry treatment preparations in one place by the washing machine.  I have pretreatments there along with different types of washing products (woolite for woolens, washing liquid, stain remover and fabric softener)

Sort your clothes

It is important to sort your clothes in to lights, darks and different fabric types.  I separate in to whites, coloured, bedding, towels and non softer clothes (such as football kits and fleeces).

Check clothes before putting in the washing machine

I make sure I go though the clothes before I load them into the machine.  Yes this seems overkill, but with two boys I find pockets full of stones!  I turn all the clothes the right way round (except from Jeans which should be washed inside out), check knees of trousers for grass stains and pretreat.  I make sure buttons are all undone too.  I fasten zips and zelcro so they do not damage any of the other clothes.

Use The right setting on your machine

It pays to take a little time to read the washer manual and use the right setting for the type of laundry you are doing.

Stain removal

I have an old fashioned bar of fairy soap that I wet and use to rub on shirt collars and cuffs before washing.

Matha Stewart has a great stain removal chart, which I keep in my laundry box.

If clothes are particularly grubby I also use a stain remover such as Ariel Stain Remover (which has been proven to double the strength of your washing liquid).


  1. Interesting, I hate doing laundry but know I should get better. I like the fairy soap on collars and cuffs idea, think I will try it on the hubbys shirts, any tips on how to remove the tide marks that are already there?

  2. Interesting that you turn everything the right way round, I always turn things inside out before washing. I'm not quite sure why I do that!


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