Thursday, 2 May 2013

Allianz Explains series - What is Breakdown Cover and why do I need it?

The recent bitter cold winter weather has underlined how important it is to have breakdown cover.  It can be infuriating to come out to a car with a flat battery when you have an important meeting to attend, or a train to catch.  And getting stranded at the side of a motorway or on a rural road on an icy night is an experience that any motorist wants to avoid.  Breakdown cover can offer both practical and financial assistance to get you out of trouble if your car comes to a halt.

While there are a number of motoring organisations that offer breakdown cover, building it in to an existing car insurance policy rather than having separate cover makes a lot of sense.  Breakdown Cover from Allianz Your Cover ( offers a range of options, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of cover and support that you think you will need and include it in your car insurance policy. 

There are three levels of cover to choose from, starting with Roadside Breakdown.  It does what it says on the tin - if you break down more than a mile away from home, this will provide access to a nationwide glass repairer, roadside assistance for up to half an hour, and Allianz will arrange for your car and passengers to be taken to the nearest suitable garage if it can’t be repaired within that time.

Most people find that the next level of breakdown cover, including Recovery and Home Assist, is the most practical option.  If you can’t start your car in the morning, or you break down within a mile of your home, Allianz Your Cover will arrange to get you up and running again.  For additional peace of mind the cover also includes getting you and your passengers back home, or to your destination, if your car remains immobile for more than four hours and it has not been possible to repair it within that time.  Where necessary, Allianz Your Cover will pay for onward rail journeys, a temporary replacement vehicle, and overnight bed and breakfast.

If you holiday in Europe or often drive on the continent then you should consider adding European Breakdown Cover to Recovery and Home Assist.  Dealing with a car breakdown abroad can be expensive, difficult and stressful, particularly if you don’t speak the language well.  Allianz Your Cover Breakdown Cover provides you with all the support that you need in the event of such a crisis.  They will either arrange for you and your passengers to get back home or to your onward destination, if your car cannot be repaired within eight hours.  Or they will cover the cost of a replacement vehicle (up to a limit of £750) and overnight accommodation in a bed and breakfast whilst you wait for your car to be repaired.  And if the repair is likely to take longer than five days, they will arrange for your car to be returned to an authorized dealer in the UK.  So with all the options covered, you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

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