Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It’s spring – Refresh your bedroom with these design ideas

With winter gradually retreating into the rear view mirror (not that you’d be able to tell by the recent bout of cold weather) and spring beginning to emerge, many people’s thoughts turn towards revamping the home.

The prospect of a new year encouraging a fresh start, along with the mid season sales making it more affordable, make it one of the most popular periods to freshen up surroundings. Why not start your home makeover with the room where you wake up every morning? Here are some suggestions for the best ways to give your bedroom a new look.

My new bedroom shelf that we put up at easter 

Choosing your style

The main question to ask is what kind of style you want for your bedroom. Perhaps choose a timeless, traditional country bedroom, where old-style wood furniture and natural colour schemes are emphasised along with plenty of layered, embroidered bed linen and vintage-looking cushions. Various pieces of handicrafts and ornaments also contribute to the ‘lived-in’ feel. This aesthetic works particularly well in a room with lots of natural sunlight; nothing beats a Sunday lie-in nestled within your own little slice of the idyllic countryside.

Alternative looks

For those with more cutting-edge tastes, there are plenty of alternative looks to suit your room. Focus on vibrant, strong shades to provide intensity, and look for furniture with smooth lines and modern construction materials. In contrast to the homely country house look, you should aim to create as little clutter as possible; minimal design is the order of the day, with sliding-door wardrobes and under-bed storage highly recommended.

Finding the balance

For the more adventurous, there’s always a possibility of mixing modern with traditional – which can be a difficult task but one that makes a room feel uniquely yours, if done right. It’s all about finding the balance between complementary items, while still providing enough contrast to be striking. The range of bedroom furniture at K&Co offers a variety of modern and classic designs for those who want to try to mix it up – a useful aid for creating your new look.

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