Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Explaining the horror to children

This morning, MadDad and I sat down and told both the boys, who are eight and nearly seven of the horror that happened at the Boston Marathon last night.  MadDad had deliberately decided to go in late to work, so that we could tell the boys ourselves.

We didn't want them to find out about it at school or worse still on the news.

We kept it very concise and told them the bare bones. We told them that there had been two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and also a fire at the library in Boston and that at least three people had died including one child and that over a 100 people were injured and that possibly other people would die too.

When they asked why it had happened we had to tell them that we didn't know.  That sometimes people do not have all the answers.

Mini quietly replied "there are bad people in the world".

Out of the mouth of babes, yes there are bad people in the world.

How do you explain something of this magnitude to children?

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  1. It is so difficult. My brother in law was running in the marathon and his wife and my 2 young nephews were with him. My girls were worried that they would be scared but luckily we know they are all safe in their hotel. It really brings it closer to home when they know someone involved.


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