Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Washi tape magnet tutorial

Hello I am Jen and I have a stationery fetish.  I often feel that there should be a self help program for people like me.  I just love all types of stationery!  So I have something of a stash of washi tape!

This is a really simple project and a perfect way for using up any magnets that you get free. 
  • Firstly. carefully peel off the label
  • Cover the magnet with white paper in case your tape is translucent in places  
  • I then took a selection of my tape and stuck it to the paper on the magnet.  As the tape is adhesive no glue is needed.
  • I used my guillotine to cut between the strips of tapes and then used scissors to make the ends look as though they have been torn.

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