Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Save money with LED lights with Panasonic and Simply LED

I love saving money and when it comes to saving money on our energy bills I am all for it.  So when both Simply LED and Panasonic got in touch with me to discuss reviewing LED bulbs I thought why not.

For those of you that don't know LED bulbs can save you up to 89% energy when compared with halogen or incandescent. They also last 25 times longer and therefore don't need replacing constantly. 

In our kitchen we have three lights which each have three bulbs in.  Simply LED sent me nine replacement LED Bulbs, which retail at £11.99 each.  So yes the initially outlay is more expensive, however, using their online calculator I worked out that using them would save me £45 a year for the life of the bulbs (they can last up to 25 years) and this was a conservative estimate   I opted for warm white and we immediately noticed that the colour was much truer to daylight once the bulbs were installed.

Panasonic sent me a couple of their screw in LED Bulbs and I have been using it in my task lighting.  I have to say again I am really impressed with the colour  and the fact that I can save money year on year using their product.

Panasonic also have an online calculator so you can work out how much you would save when you come to convert.  

The only downside to LED builbs is the initial cost of them, however  you save that and more over the first year of use and then continue to make savings year on year.

With energy prices increasing and energy becoming such a scarce resource I see no reason why everyone shouldn't be using LED bulbs.  They are great for the pocket as well as the environment   


  1. I have replaced bulbs which don't show of old lights, but most of my lights h'v visible LED's bulbs in the original fixtures & price...and I prefer the led lighting profiles with new amendment.

  2. As our world is growing faster, LED technology is a boon for all of us. LED display and lights have greatly reduced the power bills because they releases very less heat. As rate per unit are increasing day by day so it is very necessary to have an alternative for such problems. And LED lights have proved a remedy for such problems. So everyone should move to such technology.

  3. LED lights are really very helpful to save money on electricity bills. I have also replaced all my bulbs sin my home and in my business with LED lights. I purchased them from Adattsi and I like the collection it has. LED lights reduce my bills and they are more durable and provide uniform visible light.


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