Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Paper Mache Tissue Eggs

This is a really simple Easter craft, that is great for children of all ages.  It can be quite messy, so it pays to have a sink full of warm soapy water for washing hands at the ready.  

Egg shells
Paper Mache Glue (or wallpaper paste or even flour and water)
Tissue Paper or Newspaper
We have been collecting eggshells from cooking for the last month or so.  So rather than being whole egg shells they are cracked eggs and I wanted to have a go at using them for decorating, rather than just putting them in the compost.  

The boys chose to use green and pink tissue paper from the pound shop to decorate the eggs, so we ripped it in to small pieces ready for gluing.

For the glue I used some paper mache paste we had in the cupboard, but you can use wallpaper paste or even flour and water,
The boys then used the tissue to cover the eggs and hold them together.  Due to the amount of glue and paper the boys used it took two days to get our eggs dry.

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