Monday, 25 March 2013

Financial Manifesto - Spring 2013

It is so nice to see the days lengthening.  The springtime certainly fills me with more hope and joy and this Spring, I am looking to try and make some more cash and also cut back on the amount we spend.  Spring is an expensive time of the year for us with car MOT's, services, Car Tax and other major household expenditure. My focus will be:

  • Declutter in the hope of doing a couple of car boot sales once they start again after Easter
  • Look for a part time job whilst the boys are in school
  • Check out car insurances as out policies are due for renewal
  • Hold a budget friendly birthday party for Maxi who turns eight
  • Make not buy cards.  In addition to Maxi's birthday we have mothers day and our wedding anniversary in March.  I have lots of craft things, so me and the boys are going to have a card making session
  • Arrange to have the boiler serviced
  • Have a spend free April - only buy what is essential.

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