Sunday, 17 February 2013

Have a frugal half term

My most recent post on The Tots100 is all about ways to have a Thrifty half term.

Whilst Maxi and I are having fun in Orlando, MadDad and Mini will be doing some father and son bonding and trying to have fun on a budget.

They have quite a few low and no spend days planned including:

  • A trip to the beach  and woods for tree climbing  den making and fire making and even perhaps cooking some sausages weather permitting.  
  • A trip to the local museum on the day that they have an organised craft activity and a warm picnic.  We have a food flask which we can use for soup, hotdogs or even beans and sausages and it is wonderful to use in the winter months.
  • Taking the car to the garage to be repaired and a trip back on the train, which will be an adventure for them both! 
  • A visit to the farm (FIL is a dairy farmer)
  • Trip to the National Railway Museum in York.
What are your favorite low or no spend trips for the holidays?


  1. These days I’m quite busy and have no time to set me up a schedule, but I will do it in a couple of days. We love to go to the beaches, parks and sometimes trekking too.

  2. Museum trips are great, so many are free. The british museum is great fun and a great way for the kids to interactively learn!


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