Monday, 11 February 2013

Get energy efficient and save money

Energy-efficient appliances don’t just help the environment - they also help the wallet of the householder who fits them.

A recent test by Which? found that the difference in yearly running costs for tumble dryers could vary by almost £100.

When tested for energy consumption based on average use over the course of one year, it was discovered that the most energy efficient dryers cost just £38 per year, while at the other end of the scale it was costing closer to £131, which is a pretty big difference, especially if it applies to all your appliances.

A new, energy-efficient dishwasher found atAppliances Direct might set you back a couple of hundred pounds, but in just two years you will have made that money back and be able to enjoy huge savings on your fuel bills for many years to come.

The tests were performed on every type of tumble dryer, from vented models both gas and electric, those with inbuilt condensers and those with heat pumps. While there were certain makes and models from each category that stood out as being particularly energy efficient it was found that heat pump and gas vented dryers were the cheapest to run overall.

At current prices, gas is far cheaper than electricity, and the heat pumps work by utilising the hot air already produced and pumping it back over the outside of the metal inner drum to keep it heated up.

The savings apply to other appliances as well. A washing machine with an energy rating of A+++ may be pricier than those with a rating of A, but the additional cost of purchase is swallowed up in reduced energy bills in as little as a year or two.

By investing just a little extra cash at the purchasing stage, you could equip your home with appliances which reduce your fuel bills by a significant amount year on year whilst knowing you are also helping the environment.

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