Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cleaning Football Boots - HELP

Most Sundays my boys play football and this is what their boots come home looking like:

Now I need some advice and help about cleaning said boots.  Normally MadDad and the boys would leave their boots by the back door to dry and then they loose mud is banged off them.

As we tend not to get newspapers, I have encouraged them to take some paper of the Ikea roll and use that to put their boots on, but.........

The boots will often stay there until I clean them.

MadDad will clean them under duress, but his idea of cleaning them is using baby wipes and these are not something I buy anymore as the boys are not in need of them and part of me doesn't want to buy them just to clean football boots.

During the summer and Spring, we would give the boys a bowl of soapy water and a brush and let them lose in the garden cleaning their own, but it was so cold this weekend that even though Maxi was wearing his baselayer set from M & M Direct under his kit, he was actually in tears.  So outdoor cleaning is out and there is no way I am letting them lose in the sink to cover the walls and window with mud splatters (bare in mind they are 6 and 7)!

So people I need your help.  How do you go about cleaning muddy football boots?  I also should say that the boys football boots were gifted to us from M&M Direct and are superb at only £7.99 per pair a saving of £22 each boy.


  1. I'm the same as you. No-one cleans anything unless I do it - which I almost always will not - or when I throw them outside because they smell like wet dog and I'm sick of tripping over them!

    And I don't have any magic tips for cleaning, but I'd appreciate them if anyone else does! :D

  2. Oh man, that’s really gross and I don’t let my kids even bring them inside, they go through the side of the house to the backyard.


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