Sunday, 20 January 2013

What to carry in your car when it snows

We live in the sticks, well not really, but it sure feels like it when it snows.  My brother lives 12 miles down the road and can have no snow when we can be snowed in and have 10 cm's!

MadDad works in a part of the country which has hills and dales and is not always in the office and has clients to visit and has to drive, so over the last 3 years we have got down to a fine art what to put in his car over the winter.

MadDad always also travels with his coat, hat, scarf and gloves in winter.  If he doesn't have them on, he will ensure they are in the car.

  • Water - Please do not leave it in your car overnight if it is cold as it will freeze!
  • Cereal bars - They are great to snack on if stuck and keep well
  • Phone charger - It always runs out of battery when you need it most
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Wind up torch or torch and spare batteries
  • Change - for a pay phone if necessary
  • Reflective triangle - we have this from when we traveled to France a lot as it is compulsory there 
  • A map - for when Sat nav fails you or you need to find an alternative route
  • Wind up radio - to keep you company when you get stuck
  • Blankets - MadDad has three fleece blankets as they fold up small.  They are great for layering and keeping warm, but you can also pop them under the wheels to try and help you get a grip in snow
  • Shovel - This year we purchased a new plastic snow shovel with a collapsible handle from ASDA for £6.99
  • Copy of all documents -  including insurance, drivers licence, contact details, emergency numbers including breakdown cover.

Also it is worth making sure your car is winter prepared too:

  • Screen wash - add concentrate, you do not want to find it has frozen when you need to clean your screen
  • Coolant - again you need to make sure it has antifreeze in it.
My biggest tip would be do not drive in the snow and ice if you can get away with it.  It is not always down to how careful and competent you are.  As an example Maxi went to a part on Friday and his friends Dad drove him and other children home, unfortunately before dropping the last child home a car coming the opposite way lost control and crashed in to them.  All involved where physically OK, but the car is a write off and it left a seven year old boy very shook up.

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  1. Great minds think alike Jen, I blogged about what we keep in our car earlier in the week too x


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