Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sorting the children's outgrown clothes

Maxi has grown about 2 inches in the last four weeks and so has moved up in clothes and the time has come to sort through his wardrobes as part of our January declutter.

Now I know he will not stay in his room and try on everything, so I make him find a pair of trousers and a top that fits and put them on.

I then use those as a template for the other clothes.  Anything smaller gets moved to Mini's wardrobe.

I always make sure that I buy the boys clothes in the Sales and get great value, super quality clothes this way.

After setting aside everything that doesn't fit, I make an audit of what is left to ensure that he has everything he needs and pop a note of any requirements in a page on my dairy and also he current shoe size, in case I see any bargains.

I do the same with Mini's wardrobe and have a basket of clothes that no longer fit.  I then pass these on to a friend and any she doesn't want or need gets passed to the charity shop.

Another great way of getting rid of these clothes is by selling them at places such as Ebay. Donations, as well as any other kids items such as kids DVDs or games could be recycled at This way, you can get rid of any unwanted items and also receive money for it.

A basket of small clothes and unused toys to pass on 

How do you sort through your children's clothes?

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  1. Loving your blog and not sure how much I will keep up with it over the next few months but I can tick this off my list x


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