Thursday, 10 January 2013

Decluttering and organising digital files

Whilst we are busy decluttering, it is important not to forget our virtual decluttering and January is the perfect time to save all your previous years photographs to disk.  The fab eighteen25 has some downloads you can use as DVD covers.  I always make sure that MadDad takes a copy of the disk to work do if anything happens we have them there.  I also back up monthly to an external hard drive.

Whilst you are at it, why not back up your files and also back up your blog.  If you are not sure how the Tots100 has a great tutorial.

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  1. I wonder whether for the long term a cloud back up is the way to go - I was annoyed to realise recently that new Apple Macs do not have CD drives anymore and probably PCs will soon follow. Personally though I like disks and find the cloud a bit abstract. It's worth considering though whether the format you do your back ups is "future proof".


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