Thursday, 17 January 2013

Declutter update and New Year New You

I have been decluttering for a week and I wanted to update on how I am doing.
  • The boys wardrobes have been sorted and a sack of clothes gifted to a neighbour.
  • My clothes have been sorted and I have three sacks to go to the charity shop.
  • Mini has donated his old keyboard to the charity shop (leaving more room for books)
  • We have sorted though the children's books and there are 5 bags ready to donate to the school.
I feel as though I am on a roll and have been aching this is small chuncks of 15 minutes whilst doing all the rest of the jobs.

This week I plan to tackle the following tasks:
  • Sort the bathroom supplies.
  • Sort though the medicine cabinets
  • Sort the store cupboards in the kitchen 
If you are looking to get in to the New year with some changes, then why not take a look Hillarys curtains and blinds ‘New Year, New You’ competition on Facebook.

The competition gives you the chance to win a different prize a week.  This week there is a chance to win a £100 spa voucher.  Which I think I might deserve after getting the house in order!

If you are decluttering this January how are you getting on?  


  1. Wow, and that's great going. I should really do something similar... *sigh*

  2. You are doing great Jen. I'll share the pictures of my bedroom at the end of the month and then you'll know how great the 15 minutes process works!


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