Thursday, 31 January 2013

Crisis Cleaning

You know the feeling, the children have made a massive mess, the house is a tip, you have so much to do and you just do not know where to start.  We have all been there, but I find that my mind works much better on things if my house is clean.

So today we are going to do a crisis clean of each room.

For this you need:

  1. A timer
  2. Music
  3. A black sack
  4. A box


You are going to do this in 15 minute chunks to music, which make it much more tolerable and you can also get the children involved too.

Start at the door and work your way round the room in a clockwise direction   Put anything for the bin in the black sac, anything for another room in to the box and then put the rest away in its place on the room.

Once the timer goes or you have finished the room (whichever is first) go and put the things away from the box.  This is critical otherwise you are just cluttering up.

Give yourself a 15 minute break before moving on to another room.  Do not worry about the previous room, you can always go back to it at the end.

Go and do it NOW!


  1. Love it. I'm going to try this, as at the moment it looks like we have been robbed. Maybe not with the children, they would say "Why mess up one room when we can mess up every room?"
    Not sure about what to do in the comment so it's from Kate Naylor (Bumps & Bashes)

  2. Great tips for crisis cleaning! I get far too distracted by 'just looking' at different blogs and here I am doing just that. I'll enjoy reading through your posts later...just off to set the timer! Claire


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