Thursday, 17 January 2013

Are kitchen appliances going to go wireless?

Home technology seems to be getting more advanced all the time, which can at times make it hard to keep up with the latest developments. However, the majority of new advances made in creating futuristic energy efficient appliances like a Fridge Freezers from could actually help to make doing household tasks like cooking and cleaning easier than ever. 

Network-ready appliances are one of the newest innovations in home technology, and, with the help of smartphone apps, they’re set to become the next big thing.

Apps used to help control kitchen appliances have become commonplace in recent months. Miele, a German electronics firm who make appliances, launched an iPhone app to help users control all their appliances by just pressing a button, while also being able to check each appliance’s status from another room in their home with the help of a wireless LAN network. Although this technology is relatively new, it could be useful to millions of people who find themselves short on time because of a busy lifestyle.

“Smart” self-serviceable appliances like a Washing Machine found at appliances direct are already pretty advanced, but if they can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone app, then that represents a big step in the right direction in terms of kitchen technology. Other apps such as the HomeWorks light control have been developed simply to help users switch lights on and off, but the new app from Miele opens the door for other manufacturers to do even more with networked kitchen technology.

In the near future, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see new apps for iPhones, Android and other smartphones that will allow users to turn appliances on and off or perhaps download programmes for cooking or cleaning clothes. There’s always a chance that future apps that work with network-ready appliances could become even better than the one currently on offer from Miele, so watch this space!

Mark Kelly a spokesperson from UK Retail Experts Appliances Direct is “excited by the continuing development of technology in household appliances and it shows that the industry is innovative and committed to making people’s lives easier”


  1. This sounds cool and epic! Though, I'm wondering how it will be plugged to an electric outlet or is it battery operated, and furthermore, I think the repairing period will become a lot more easier, isn't?

  2. With the advent of new technology it is possible to have smart appliances and apps that can control your home appliances. Even you can also handle appliances away from your home and check the status of a particular appliance. They have made our lives easier and the best point is that this technology is helping in conserving energy.

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  4. Sounds good!! After some duration technology invents wireless cooking appliances also which makes easy cooking.


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