Wednesday, 2 January 2013

5 frugal ways to stay warm this winter

With winter setting in and fuel costs rising, here are some cheap and simple ways to keep your home and family warm.

1. Insulation station

Insulating your home is cheaper than you think and makes heating vastly more effective. Loft insulation prevents heat escaping through the roof, one of the biggest causes of household heat loss. Insulating material can be bought at DIY stores and fitted yourself. Cavity wall insulation fills the gap in cavity walls, those with a double layer of bricks and a space between, and should be installed by a professional. Both loft and cavity wall insulation will repay the initial outlay over and over again. You may even be eligible for a grant to cover all or part of the cost.

Putting rugs or carpets on the floor will help keep heat in, as will curtains across windows and doors, the heavier the better.
Without insulation                  With Insulation 
2. Shut that door

A lot of heat can be lost when you open a door to the chilly outside world, so keep opening and shutting the front door to a minimum and make sure you close it behind you, even if you're only popping out for a minute. Keeping internal doors closed minimises draughts and helps rooms to warm up faster. You'd be surprised how much help an old-fashioned draught excluder laid along the bottom of the door can be, too. Use tape to seal any windows that won't be opened until the weather is warmer.

3. Heating when and where you need it

If you're only using one room, why heat the whole house? Leave the heating off and use a portable heater or electric fire to warm the room you're in.

Make sure the heating is only on when you need it by using a timer. Have the heating turn on before you arrive home in the evening and before you get up in the morning. If you're going away for the weekend, turn the heating off, or set it to go on for a brief period every day if there is a risk of pipes freezing.

4. Gather winter fuel

If you have an open fire or a wood-burning stove, there are ways to decrease the cost of fuel. Buying larger logs and splitting them yourself is cheaper than buying ready split wood. You may also be able to gather fallen branches in woodland, although you should make sure you have permission to do this. Keep an eye open for used wooden pallets outside businesses, since many owners will be happy for you to take these away as firewood.

5. Make your own heat

A brilliant way to make your house feel warm is to leave it for a while and go for a brisk walk outdoors, rather than shivering inside. Exercise in the fresh air brings a glow to your cheeks and gets your circulation going. Wrap up in plenty of layers and put on a good pair of boots or wellies, enjoy the winter landscape or the muddy puddles, and see how cosy you feel on your return. Hot drinks and meals also help warm you up. Try a hearty soup, chili con carne, or a curry.

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