Friday, 14 December 2012

The motherhood rap

There is a new viral video doing the rounds it is the Motherhood Rap..............................

Some days In feel like i have lived this video all in one day.  I particularly like the part which takes about:

School run taker
Fairy Cake baker
deal maker
Orgasm faker
nit raker
rattle shaker
cheese grater
night time waker

It certainly feels as thought I am most of them each and every day, but................................

It also got me wondering in this age of social media where do we draw the line about taking about our children and the life that we lead.  I know that my boys are getting bigger and there are times when they ask that I do not blog something, but they are both also very keen to show off certain things on the blog and actively ask me to blog about things.

In fact they are thinking of starting a blog of their own to hold their LEGO reviews!

So the video is funny, but for me Motherhood is a whole lot more and I can safely say the good certainly out ways any of the bad for me.

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