Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Next Christmas Family Outfit

Christmas Eve

Next Christmas Family Outfit

For us Christmas means two outfits,  The first the Christmas Eve Elves bring and always includes new Pjarmas for Christmas morn.  You have to be in your new PJ's for all the photo's and this is something that I grew up with and implemented for the boys,

Then you need the outfits for the day itself, which have to be smart enough for christmas Dinner at the outlaws, but also practical enough for a visit to the farm.  Believe it or not one Christmas Day saw us all herding the cattle back from the marketplace when some one had left a gate open on their Christmas Day walk.

Christmas is always going to be a challenging time for me and my family as my Mum died on Christmas Day 2010, but by making the most of every day, I know that we can get though this time with a smile on our faces and a tear in my eye.

I am entering this is Northern Mum's Next Christmas Outfit Competition

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