Thursday, 8 November 2012

I love my Shredder

Recently we were sent a fab shredder from Fellows to review.  The model we were sent was the Fellows Powershred DS1 which retail at around £90.00

I have to admit I thought that £9 for a shredder was a LOT of money, however, I think I may have been converted.

Firstly this shredder is super fast, doesn't get hot and stop like my old one and makes me feel safe and secure.  It also does all the following:

  • Shreds up to x11 A4 sheets at a time into 3.9x35 mm confetti-like pieces (Higher security - level 3)
  • SafeSense Technology shuts off shredder when hands are too close to the machine
  • 18 litre bin holds up to 200 sheets
  • Shreds paper, staples and credit cards
  • 2-year full warranty/ 5-year cutter warranty

The shredder sits in our study under my desk and is used pretty much on a daily basis and once the bin is full we bag up the screddings.

We have also been supplying our friends that have rabbits and guinea pigs with the shredded paper as bedding for them, so saving them money too.

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