Thursday, 15 November 2012

How to throw an eco-friendly children’s party

Did you know that you can throw a fun-filled children’s party (complete with balloons, party poppers and goody bags) without harming the environment? That’s right; eco-friendly events are popular these days, so why not give one a go? Here are four tips to help you on your way:

Send paperless invites

If you are concerned about the world around you, there are many things you can do. From arranging a boiler service, to turning off the lights, you can certainly make a difference – but what about taking things that little bit further? When planning a birthday party, it’s a good idea to create an event on Facebook or to send round a group email. If you are inviting young children, get in contact with the mums of each child and tell them all they need to know. This will stop traditional invites ending up in the bin and will save the postman’s fuel.

Use recycled wrapping paper

Whether you are wrapping presents, or preparing pass the parcel, always use recycled wrapping paper. According to Paper Life Cycle, paper is by far the largest component of solid waste in landfills, so it’s good to use and promote recycled goods. At the end of the party, gather up all the rubbish and pop what you can in the recycling bin so it can be used again. You might not be able to give all products another lifeline, but at least you will save what you can from ending up in the ground.

Buy eco-friendly decorations

Decorations are an important part of any party, but they must be eco-friendly. Sites like Little Cherry stock a wide range of green decorations and party bag supplies, including biodegradable balloons, compostable ribbons and beeswax birthday candles, so it’s worth taking a look at what they offer. If you are feeling a little creative, you could even make your own paper chains and such like out of recyclable paper – as this will add a personal touch. Moreover, buy some non-toxic colouring crayons and paints and get the kids to do the work themselves.

Serve up organic treats

Let’s face it; kids would probably be happy with shop bought ice cream and cake – but there’s no harm in making some organic treats. Get hold of the freshest, tastiest ingredients available and knock up some mouth-watering puddings for all to enjoy. If parents are attending, you could always go the extra mile and put on a bit of a spread – but ensure all ingredients are locally sourced. It takes a lot of energy to ship products from one place to another, so visit your local farm shop or butcher.

Of course, switching off electrical items and calling a plumber to fix a leak could help you save energy – but if you are look to have a bit of fun, an eco-friendly party is the way to go.

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  1. So many fab ideas - am hosting a Party Party on Mums Make Lists and would love for you to link up


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