Monday, 5 November 2012

Advent Inspiration

I do love Christmas, but since my mum died it is also a time of sadness, however,  each year I try to focus on advent rather than just Christmas day itself, this helps me deal with the loss of my mum and also remove myself as much as I can from the commercialism of the day.

I am a great one for traditions.  For me traditions cement memories. The more we do them, the more I hope they will stick in the boys minds and bring them joy. 

As a family we focus on advent as a time of hope, anticipation and preparation.  We use the days leading up to christmas to reinforce our family values and to make the most of the small things that we all enjoy.

Christmas can be a time of stress and much busyness, but I use advent to ensure that we make the most of each day, rather than using it just as a countdown, we do something on each of the days.  Instead of chocolate advent calendars, we have one I made which has 24 labels on.  These labels are filled with something to do that day.

So we have lots of advent traditions.  This year I would like to share them with you on A Thrifty Mum, Frugalicious Food and The Mad House.

I am hoping that you can join in with our advent and that you find some things to inspire you and that you make your own traditions too.

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