Sunday, 21 October 2012

Personalised Presents for Christmas

Yes I seem to be mentioning the Christmas word a lot this week, but it is in my mind as it is half term next week and that means making christmas puddings in The Mad House!

Sometimes buying for the man in the house can be something of a challenge, but I have been looking at Poster XXL and love some of the products they offer.

I know that A Thrifty Dad would love the iPad case.  He is more than happy to carry around pictures of his children and this is a novel way of doing so, at what I think is a reasonable price for an iPad case.

The same goes with the iPhone bumper case.  I have seen hard covers before, but not personalised bumper cases.

I was also really impressed with the cost for their poster printing.  Both the boys love posters on their walls and it would be great to get some of the pictures they take enlarged so they could use them as posters.

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