Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Our Dream Wood Fired Stove

The Tots100 have a fab competition running in conjunction with Rated People to win £2500 worth of home updates and this being a frugal blog, I wanted to enter in a way that would save up money year on year.  We would love solar panels, but the prize of £2500 wouldn't cover that, so we took a look at the things we could do to our home to make it more economical to run and based our entry on this.

So what would make the biggest difference for us would be an economical heating system.   We would love to have a wood burning stove in our living room.  We have a pretty open plan downstairs area and this would be a much more economical way of heating our home, rather than the central heating.

My winter dream

We live in a new home so a lot of the home improvement that you can make to improve on the efficiency of your home are already done, but I wanted to list them below:

  1. Cavity wall insulation
  2. Loft Insulation
  3. Double Glazing
  4. Installing low energy light bulbs
  5. Fitting draft excluders
  6. Line your curtains


  1. Great choices, love that red round foot stool/cushion. Very Cosy x

  2. lovely idea, wood burners are so cosy! Good luck with the competition! x

  3. Have you looked at woodburners? Which would you go for?
    We're looking at installing one in the coming weeks too, but I'm completely miffed by the price range & their stated performances.

  4. Good Morning Jen and thank you for taking part in the tots 100 competition.
    We at Rated People thought your idea fantastic and appreciate you taking the time in joining in.
    Adam Walker

  5. Excellent idea for wood stove burning system. so I like this post very much. wood furnace Buy a Greenwood wood boiler that saves 70% on your home heating bills. We offer the world-class wood gasification heating appliances on an affordable budget.


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