Friday, 19 October 2012

Five ways in five days - Halloween Edition

Do you celebrate halloween?  It seems that more and more people are joining in with this celebration from the US.  We talk about it as a time to celebrate the people that are no longer with us and with the darker nights we use the opportunity to bake and make together as a family.

Day one - paper pumpkins

Perfect to hang up and for children of all ages.  For younger children you can cut out the face shapes in black card.

Day two - Balloon pumpkins

You do not get much simpler than this.  Blow up some orange coloured balloons and then take a permanent marker (Sharpie) to make pumpkin faces on them.  Felt tip pens will just rub off.

Day three - Salt Dough Ornaments 

You can find the ingredients and method for Salt Dough Halloween ornaments on The Mad House. 

Day four - scary sausages

Basically you get a jar of hotdogs or bratwurst and cut into chunks and skewer them with spaghetti. MaxiMad took great care at this and loved doing it, while MiniMad, just shoved them in and started to eat the bratwurst before I had even cooked them.

Day five - paperchain ghosts

We have made these paperchain ghosts for the last three years and they are so simple and easy.  If you go to Skip to my loo, she even has templates to make it easier. 


  1. thank you, we're having a halloween party and I needed simple arts and crafts and these are FAB.

  2. I am doing a Halloween party here on Wednesday, thank you for the ideas

  3. Halloween will be here before you know it so if you haven't started thinking about costumes, you should. If you have children like myself they will need costumes to dress up for school and other area events.


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