Thursday, 25 October 2012

Enriching the life of your young ones

Exposing a child to a lot of recreational activities and experiences from early on in their lives is likely to help them to develop a wide group of friends, enhance their socials skills and also give them a more dynamic childhood.

It is often said that you should teach your children news skills when they are younger, because their brains are still developing and expanding and so they can store more information than an adult. For example, teaching them new languages during their primary days is often easier and more stimulating to a child who is eager to learn. When they grow up, the benefits of a second or a third language is self-evident, especially when considering that so many other children will have this advantage, so it is only fair that they should be given this opportunity.
There are a plethora of hobbies that you can get your child engaged in from an early stage, some of which are detailed below in the hopes that it will inspire:

The Arts
Taking acting, painting or drawing classes at a young age has a lot of advantages. Most children gravitate towards this form of recreation anyways because it is the easiest thing to do with a pen or a crayon when you can’t write.  Instead of just letting this skill fall through the cracks, nurture it because it is a good way for your child to express themselves when words are not enough.

Good Ol’ Footie and Other Sports
The advantage of a good run up and down a football field are huge, and if your child is an overactive child then they will undoubtedly require real exercise to make use of all that energy. Physical activity and sports foster teamwork and it is also a good avenue for them to connect with likeminded kids and develop long lasting friendships.

Check Mate
If your child likes to read or is eager to learn more mentally challenging recreations, then you may want to look into getting them their own chess table or give them a membership to a book club. Reading from an early age will also stimulate a child’s developing minds and as well as give them a wider vocabulary.

The Other Arts
You have probably seen you child following a music video keenly and trying to mimic the moves or even sing a note or two as well. If this continues throughout their childhood, then it may be worth looking at different after school choirs they can join, or get them registered for a dance class of their choosing or even give them an instrument. Who knows, one day they might audition for X-Factor?

Equestrian Games
You probably saw team GB’s equestrian team during the Olympics and thought of how poised and disciplined those riders were. Horseback riding is a good way to teach your child about building bonds and also about being persistent in a field and honing those skills. It takes a lot of commitment to do horseback riding for a long period, but your child will be better for having a hobby that suits their personalities.

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