Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Are you a Savvy Shopper?

One of our most regular spends is on food and this is why I love mySupermarket.  If you haven't heard of mySupermarket, then let me enlighten you.

mySupermarket is a cash comparison site, plus much more.  It allows you to find top offers, compare prices and shop online all in one place from the UK major supermarkets, including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's.  You can save on average £17 when you use mySupermarket.

Savvy Buys


This is a fantastic new  feature, which highlights brilliant offers that will save you at least 30% on the regular price. They are marked with a green thumbs up savvy buys symbol.  Savvy Buys are items that are REALLY good value.  

Each supermarket has it's own Savvy Buys shelf, so if you are a regular shopper at one of them you can take a look and see if anything really jumps out at you.  This is a perfect thing to do as you are meal planning.  I tend to base my Sunday Dinner on which store has the best deals on meat.  It also encourages me to try different foods and meals out and I know I am not going over my budget.

The other feature that I love is the  Swap & Save function.  I have talked about cutting your supermarket bill week on week.  I am a big fan of down grading your products, so that you can reduce the weekly bill, but not reduce the amount of food you are eating.    Often downgrading doesn't mean a loss of quality, it just means a simpler package or odd sized fruit and veg.  

The Swap and Save function at mySupermarket is an even better feature which allows you to swap and save.  If they think that you can find a similar product for cheaper then will suggest it to you and also tell you how much you'll save by swapping to the cheaper option.

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