Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Autumn Financial Manifesto

Each season I write a manifesto on Mum in the Mad House and a financial one here,  I find that they help me concentrate on what is important to me over the coming three months and help me to focus on getting small things done that can make big differences.

  • Price check our utilities and look for best deals on our Gas and Electric
  • Make another draft excluder (we have one at the front door, garage door and need one for the back door) - how to post to follow
  • Bleed the radiators (if there is air in them they work less efficiently
  • Make a home made Christmas present each week
  • Try using before I make any can find discounted cards that people sell on. Bargains might include a £60 Starbucks card for £35 or a £50 iTunes voucher for £40, for example. And if you receive a card for a store you never use, the site will buy it for almost face value
  • Also use Morrisons Fuel Save before making any major purchases
  • Get the thermals out and prewash them ready for the season
  • Get out our hats, scarfs and gloves and put the summer hats away
  • Use a waterproof spray on our coats
  • Check the bulbs on the car to make sure they work and I don't get pulled over.
I would love to know of any things that you do to make or save money over Autumn.

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  1. A great thrifty saving tip would be to make your own coffee and not go to Starbucks!

    Sign up to Quidco and use it to earn cashback online and instore for any major purchases.

    See about getting free cavity wall/loft insulation to cut down heating bills. We got it done over the summer for free, I'm expecting a tiny gas bill over the winter.

    Get the boiler serviced before it gets cold- a lot of plumbers give a discount in the summer/autumn as they're not as busy.


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