Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Durable and Long lasting children's coats

A much-loved brand in Sweden, Polarn O. Pyret is kids clothing company that, since its inception in the 1970s, really has stood the test of time – why? Because the clothing it makes is fantastic value for money in the long run.

The veteran brand promotes nothing but good-quality, durable clothing that, importantly, will last. And what’s more, it promotes reselling and hand-me-downs, because its clothes are so good that they will last even after your child outgrows them. The resell value on eBay is phenomenal simply because the clothes don’t get worn out by either repeated machine-washing or the kids themselves – genius!

And if you plan on having more little ones in the family, then hang on to your PO.P clothes for them. Many of the clothes in their range are unisex, which means you can hand clothes down from boy to girl and vice versa if you want to – even more genius!

PO.P is a truly eco-conscious brand for the same reasons that its clothes are great value.

The fact that it’s iconic striped (as well as it’s plain and beautiful, bold printed) clothing designs are so durable can – and certainly should – be passed down through the generations constitutes as recycling!

Now that really is eco-friendly. Are there any other kids’ clothing brands out there that promote such unbelievably environmentally sound and socially responsible practice? We can’t think of any.

Polarn O. Pyret also designs, makes and distributes its own baby and kids clothes, and which means it has full control over every aspect of its business and the direction of the company and its products.

Since its launch back in the ‘70s, PO.P has been renowned for its iconic striped designs, and now, the kids who wore them back then are becoming parents themselves and buying the same quality as they wore way back when.

With a history of more than 35 years in the kids clothing trade, PO.P has strived and now unequivocally knows what works for kids and their parents - and what doesn’t.

LAYERS – that’s what works!

There’s the base layer, which is made of either wool or polyester because they are breathable, draw moisture away from the skin and therefore keep kids warm and dry.

Then, the mid layer, which is a fleece and wool blend; also breathable, this is the handy thermal layer that can go under outerwear in the colder months to keep kids warm

And finally, there’s the outer layer, which is light, waterproof and rainproof – coupled with the base and thermal mid layers in the winter, or just with the base layer during the warmer months for protection against the wind and the rain.So grab yourself a bargain – head over to PO.P’s website.


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  2. I think that brands that support eco friendly practices should be promoted more. I think that the average shopper cannot immediately think of a brand in each consumer products sector that is known for its environmentally friendly practices. That is not good.

    It should not be hard to find companies that adhere to the same values as you. Something needs to be done about the way that these companies promote their brand and the way that others share this information on social networks.


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