Thursday, 23 August 2012

Easy homemade Ginger and Lime Sugar Body Scrub

We were invited to London this week to meet with the team from Smart Shoppers and I had the the opportunity to be part of a workshop on making affordable and brilliant quality home made beauty products, which would make perfect gifts, but also ensure that you made a saving on buying them.

One of the things we made was ginger and Lime Sugar Body Scrub.  I used this scrub this morning before I got in the shower and can vouch that it is AMAZING.  Not only does it smell divine, but it contains no nasty's and is super easy to make.


  1. Brown Demerara Sugar
  2. Cane Sugar
  3. Essential oils (we used ginger and lime)
  4. Oil (we used olive oil, but you could use any base oil)
  5. Container
  6. A stirrer (If you are going to be making lots, then use a glass cocktail stirrer as it will not absorb the aromatherapy oils and can be reused).


  • Take one tablespoon of each of the sugars (The demerara is courser, so has more exfoliating properties, but the cane sugar is more delicate) and add to your container.
  • Cover with oil, making sure you stir it.
  • Add 6 drops of essential oil (I used 4 drops of lime to 2 drops of ginger)
  • Repeat the process until your container is full.  The aim is to have a layer of oil above the surface of the sugar, as it will dry out as you take it out of the container.

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