Thursday, 26 July 2012

July Thrifty Family Carnival

Whilst the rest of the UK seems to be enjoying sunshine we have rain here in N Yorkshire, but I do hope that you are all making the most of the sun and if you do get chance to grab 5 mins with either an ice coffee or better still a Pimms, may I present to you July's Thrifty Families Blog Carnival.


Never one to disappoint on the frugal food side of things Utterly Scrummy kicks us off with her 6 ways with post........

New to the Thrifty Carnival is Ninja Killer Cat with her Frugal Corn Beef Hash.

Now I love popcorn and it is something we often have in The Mad House, however, I have never had air popped popcorn ala Make Do Mum

Cass has been busy at Frugaliscious Food using up left over cake (which is unheard of in this house) to make cake pops


Bunting is still all the craze especially with the Olympics (can I say that word) on the way.  So why not try making some yourself.  Just look at how great this bunting is from The Goodlife

I adore Lululastic blog, she is always inspiring me to recycle and upclycle more and her domino fridge magnets are inspiration and oh so simple.

We all have empty milk cartons so why not join in with Lizzie and make an elephant parade this summer

An indulgent post from All About the Boys (I picked this one) as it is filled with pretty painted furniture.  Just goes to show what difference a coat of paint makes.

Summer Fun

I have implemented the I'm Bored Jar in The Mad House.  It is certain to make sure you never have to hear those two words over the Summer holidays

Inspired by my memory stones, Becky at Baby Budgeting made some fantastic story stones.  I do love it when we all inspire each other.

Looking for a thrifty fun ideas for things to do with your children over the summer.  I love this idea from Life at the Zoo.  A perfect way to use up old carrots tops.

Whilst your re in the garden, why not trying out Red Ted Art's 10 tips for drying flowers

Money saving tips

If you are looking to spend some money on a new to you car this summer, STOP and read this fab post from The Discount Coder with 10 crazy haggling tips to save £1000's on a new car

With the burst of hot weather we are having, now is the perfect time to look at water money saving ideas, thanks for the advise to Frugal Family.

Why not take a look at Minibreak Mummy's post all about living well and spending less.

This post from Medicated follower of fashion reminds us that we never have to ask for things from our mums they just give us them.

Miss Thrifty has a fab post on how to find bargains in charity shops.  From my experience this is something that is becoming more of a challenge

Finally I just want to remind you about Frugal and Fun: Enjoying the school holidays the thrifty way is still available.


  1. Thanks for including me and what a fab collection of thrifty blog posts!

  2. super dooper and thanks for popping me in there

  3. Thank you so much for including me in this fab carnival - some really great ideas here!

  4. I'll be having a read of these when the toddler gives me two minutes peace! Thanks for including my post.


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